looking for some serious pivoters for collab

2013-03-26 01:10:57 by m103904

im looking for some pivoters that want to make a good collab with the new pivot 4 you don't need to be a pivot god im just asking for effort no you tube garbage if you wondering how good i actually am and how good i expect you to be check the vid below

also hears a pic of what im working on next no story line just one guy in one frame destroying an army of guys
comment if your interested in being in the collab below also if you need help or sprites im happy to help

looking for some serious pivoters for collab


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2013-03-26 04:22:18

In all honesty I doubt you're going to find many people still using pivot. It's a little out-dated at this stage and most people have moved onto flash. If you do find someone on here then more power to ya, but I'd recommend signing up for Darkdemon, or something more dedicated to the software.

That being said, I'm liking the look of that new pivot. Might give it a shot once I've de-rustified myself.

m103904 responds:

ok just to let you know theres a new version of pivot fixed a lot of the old issues gif quality no stage ect
if your interested pm me and we can set something up