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work with pivot and flash want to make art for some flash games but need a coder

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m103904's News

Posted by m103904 - May 31st, 2014

i got some great stuff comeing but its going to take time fps zombies 2 is curently in production got some screen shots for you and i just put out some new tracks in the audio portal.2423334_140159051981_boom.jpg2423334_140159041491_mactenatyou.jpg2423334_140159062883_Untitled.png

Posted by m103904 - July 20th, 2013

havent been on in a while still alive just very busy almost no time for pivot plus the computer im on now sucks.i got a new video up and more in the works im hopeing to collab with a very good pivot animator on youtube called hospitable music also theres a part two to the zombie flash i did in the works and it will be way better in the last


new pivot video out check it out here

Posted by m103904 - March 26th, 2013

im looking for some pivoters that want to make a good collab with the new pivot 4 you don't need to be a pivot god im just asking for effort no you tube garbage if you wondering how good i actually am and how good i expect you to be check the vid below

also hears a pic of what im working on next no story line just one guy in one frame destroying an army of guys
comment if your interested in being in the collab below also if you need help or sprites im happy to help

looking for some serious pivoters for collab

Posted by m103904 - October 22nd, 2012

just got out fps zombies out check it out here animated with nothing but good old paint and pivot. also in other news got a new pivot vid in the works it has no story no meaning just some good old violence between sticks. heres the screen shot from that new unfinished vid below. also for u killing floor vans i got a vid up of me rocking westloundon with mutators.

new pivot video check it out and killing floor!!!!!

Posted by m103904 - January 9th, 2012

ive had a lot of recent set backs due to computer issues but now i'm back on track and going strong. i have a very nice tribute going on for the you tube video first parson zombies and i'm still looking for an audio track so any music artist out there im willing to collab. i'm looking for something nice an heavy very metal like think lamb of god when your making the track. also for all you new to the game pivoters hears some sprite packs i made to help you out.

malcolm gun sprite pack

im still alive and kicking!!!!

Posted by m103904 - April 27th, 2010

hey i got some new stuff in the works maybe a game or movie idk yet tell me what u think of da drawing. as i said before the sprite sheet is up. and i got a trailer up on youtube check it out.

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i smoked keef

Posted by m103904 - April 13th, 2010

well the dead space kill contest thing didn't go to well i was in 13th and i had to be in the top ten to make it to the finals,as you can see it was only 4 sec. i also got up of my lazy ass to put up my sprite sheet you can get it here. and i have been messing with flash and my bro's bamboo tablet some of the pics i kinda like this is the one i made last week.

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(up date)

Posted by m103904 - March 20th, 2010

well my computer shit the bed so i lost everything i have been working on along with most of my sprites but i just got my new computer and am working hard on a clip for ea games Get Dismembered In Dead Space 2 contest. here is a screen shot if every thing goes well i might make a flash movie to.


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dead space contest

Posted by m103904 - January 5th, 2010

so i have had a song in my head for a while i can't play an instrument and know nothing abt song programs. so what would be a good program to use that's free and noob friendly. also i got some nice stuff in the works as u can see with the screenie, yes it is made with pivot. why u may ask well thats an easy one i haven't learned enough abt flash yet. so anything that would help me get down the style that would look almost like oscar's work. as soon as i get off my lazy ass there will be a pivot sprite pack available some of it mine and some of it the wealth of things i have found on the internet. and also check it elmo

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music progie?

Posted by m103904 - December 8th, 2009

look a drunk hobo one of my first flash things

i made a drunk hobo